Group gathers at RNC watch party for night one of the convention

Some voters gathered in Inglewood for a watch party to view the first night of the Republican National Convention.

The group watched the RNC at the campaign headquarters for Joe Collins who is running for Congress in the 43rd district. The majority of the group identified as Republican voters, but there were some Independent voters in attendance as well.

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FOX 11 asked some group members about what they wanted to hear from the RNC before it started.

"I don't want to hear anything about the opposition. What are we doing to straighten this out and move forward? I think the Trump administration has done great things with unemployment, across the board with jobs, tax cuts," said Mark Thompson, who identifies as an Independent, but plans to vote for President Trump.

Brittani Daniels who is the campaign manager for Collins, and a Republican voter, said she wants to hear local issues addressed on a national level.

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"There's a lot going on with COVID and businesses being shut down but businesses need help, but if folks knew how to manage money and how to build wealth, we could be in a different spot and then education with schools shutting down, our kids need access to quality education," said Daniels.

Scott Fellows who is a local business owner also attended the watch party.  

"I just want to hear an affirmation of the good things that our party can do and gotta fight the negativity that is all about the Democratic message. They hate, they disrupt, they blame us for everything," said Fellows.

Kurt Douglas, who is an Independent voter, shared his thoughts.

"Trump needs to be a President, not a businessman, but Trump needs to send a message all over to help everybody, this race, that race, that race. Trump needs to help us get people off the street. They need to look into communities like LA, Gardena and they just need to build us up because people need help down here," said Douglas.

Roxanne Hoge, an immigrant from Kingston, Jamaica, wanted to hear a positive message about the country.

"What I'm looking forward to hearing tonight is a vision of positivity. I'm an immigrant to this country. America was the emergency escape hatch for my family and that's because it's the greatest country on God's green earth and I like hearing that. The number one thing we need to hear is that we are so blessed to be either born in America or living in America and what's the plan to get us out of this virus hole because it's time," said Hoge.

Collins gave his perspective on what he wanted to hear and what he liked from the convention.

"One thing that we were looking for is plans. What is your plan for urban America? What is your plan for Black America and they touched on it a little bit about leadership but after watching the DNC convention, the vote for Joe Biden because you don't like Trump, I wanted to see something different and I think they started off on a great foot. They had a wonderful amount of speakers who did a great job explaining their points," said Collins.