Grinch on Camera: Package Stolen Off Front Porch

He sees someone's Christmas presents sitting on a porch in East Atlanta and decides to move-in and steal them, but he didn't know that surveillance cameras were rolling.

"I just couldn't believe how bold he was, this was broad daylight," homeowner Brad Tommer told News Radio 106.7's Christy Hutchings.

Tommer, still can't get over the video. A FedEx driver drops off a package and minutes later you can see a man taking the box right off his porch.

"You can see a black Cadillac slowly drive by, and then you see somebody come walking this way so I assumed he got out of the car. And then when the car makes the block and came back he was waiting for that Cadillac to come back again. Then he ran up picked up the package and jumped back in the car, held up traffic on a busy highway," said Tommer.

Tommer installed the camera on his porch for this very reason. A few months ago, he had something similar happen, but this time, actually seeing it happen, he said it is different.

"You definitely feel violated and makes us more cautious of the neighborhood and things like that. It was pretty sad," said Tommer.

He hopes someone will know who the man in the video is.

"I really, really regret this happened and I hope he stops," said Tommer.

FedEx said if anyone who has a package stolen needs to call police and file a report