Georgia Mom Finds Unusual Way to Beat Contraction Pains

Many expectant mothers have tried all sorts of things to ease up the pain of contractions. Some mothers walk, some mothers do deep breathing but one Georgia mom-to-be got her groove on with her sister and cousin in between birthing pains in order to help speed up the labor process.

"Her baby girl was riding high so I kept sending her on walks and was making her do squats every few hours," said midwife Angelina Ruffin of first time mother Akilah Wooten. "I told her we had to get the baby to come down if she wanted to avoid a C-section."

Then one time Ruffin went to check on Wooten and her family and when she came around the corner she saw the three women getting their groove on!

"It made me laugh a little bit. At that point her contractions were about six minutes apart but they were having fun and finding a different way to get her girl to settle into the birth canal," claimed Ruffin.

In total Wooten spent about twelve hours in labor on Tuesday and ended up giving birth to a 9 pound, 6 1/2 ounce baby girl named Erin. Ruffin claimed the new mom used several dance sessions to ease the birthing process along at Atlanta Medical Center.

"The baby didn't come out of the womb dancing but she was full of energy," bragged Ruffin.

Akila Wooten and Erin were just released from the hospital Friday. We are told mom and dad are excited to be back home and looking forward to getting settled. Perhaps the whole family will soon make a new dance video showing off everyone's dance skills.

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