Georgia couple that have lived through 12 U.S. presidents celebrate 70 years of marriage

A couple that have lived through 12 U.S. presidents, celebrated their 70th wedding Anniversary on Wednesday.

Married December 28, 1946, Douglas and Dulcemaria Elleby fell in love at first sight, even though they were both in a relationship with to other people. It all started when Dulcemaria interviewed Douglas for a position at the same company. It was instant chemistry between the two.

In a strange twist of events, Dulcemaria had asked Douglas on a date, but Douglas declined because of a prior engagement he had to attend. The following day was Dulcemaria's birthday and her best friend was throwing her a surprise party in which Douglas had been invited, but neither of them had known that. "They were so surprised to see each other that he brought her a gift - talcum powder in a pretty package," said Darcy Pino, daughter.

Darcy told FOX 5 that a few days after the birthday party, Douglas proposed to Dulcemaria and three months later, the two were married. Douglas has worked for the U.S. Government abroad for 32 years as a consul and cultural attache. They have four children, three girls and one boy. Currently, the pair reside in Marietta, Georgia.

What a story! Congratulations!