Frisco City Council approves plan for Universal theme park despite backlash from residents

The city of Frisco is moving forward with a plan to build a Universal theme park in the city despite backlash from some residents.  

City council members voted 4-2 in favor of a special permit to begin construction of the theme park which will primarily cater to families with young children.

Universal announced some commitments it made to the Cobb Hill neighborhood which sits directly adjacent to the park. It will foot the bill for a wall surrounding the neighborhood to discourage parking there.

It also said it would work to enhance walking and biking trails near the park.

Some Frisco residents voice concerns about Universal theme park in their city

Frisco's police chief also said approval of the park would make it illegal for registered sex offenders to live nearby. He said he did not expect a significant jump in crime to come with the park.

Still, some residents were angry about the plan.

"I already know your minds are made up. This is a big dog and pony show," one resident said. "They all already made up their minds what they're gonna vote."

"We're very proud of what we bring before you. We think it is the right fit," said John McReynolds with Universal. "We think it will interact from a transportation, from every aspect it will be something that I think the city of Frisco will be proud of."

The park is set to open in 2026.