Freak foul ball accident at Dodger Stadium kills fan

A freak accident at Dodger Stadium killed a fan after being struck in the head by a foul ball in August 2018.

Linda Goldbloom, 79, died unexpectedly last August after being struck in the right cheek by a foul ball in their regular seats. The incident went unreported until now. The Dodgers put out a basic statement expressing sorrow and saying the family had settled the matter privately.

Erwin Goldbloom, Linda's widower, says the team never contacted him after the accident and paid as "small amount." He says he and his family hopes the MLB will continue to make it safer for fans.

The MLB did recommend improvements in safety nets for all 30 baseball teams, which they made, including the Dodgers, but that generally involved extending the netting past the dugouts rather than increasing the height and width of the vertical screen behind the home plate.

Goldbloom isn't bitter. He said it was "like walking down the street getting hit by lighting."