FOX 11 News In Depth: Immigration, recreational marijuana and mariachi music

Each week on FOX 11 News: In Depth with Hal Eisner we hope to introduce you to great people doing great things in the community. This week's edition takes a look at immigration, recreational marijuana and more.

Part 1: Immigration has taken center stage in this country - and in our community - with the futures of many families and individuals in Southern California from other countries in question. This week, FOX 11 News: In Depth raises questions of where this is all going and what should Southern Californians know as the Trump Administration moves forward with its policies. We hear from Pam Patterson and Valerie Curtis-Diop. Diop, who is opposed to the President's immigration policies, is a Certified Specialist Immigration and Nationality Lawyer. Patterson, who is a member of the San Juan Capistrano City Council, is an attorney that represents disabled children against the State of California with respect to its intentional violation of their civil rights to receive mandated therapies and treatment in violation of State and Federal law. These include constitutional violations. She has been admitted to the US. Supreme Court Bar and the California Supreme Court Bar. This segment includes a setup story, comments from Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti and the in-studio views of the two attorneys.

Part 2: Californians approved the use of recreational marijuana, but where is it? Where can you buy it? What's it mean? So many questions. IN DEPTH looks for answers this week with Sam Humeid who has two medical marijuana dispensaries and stands to make lots of money from the introduction of recreational pot. He owns the Perennial Holistic Wellness Center in Studio City and in San Diego. In this segment, recorded in the field, Sam gives us a tour of his dispensary and medical marijuana pot grow. From there he discusses what communities in California have approved and the impact.


Part 3: LA County Sheriff Jim McDonnell accepts the voters decision to have recreational marijuana in the state, but he's has reasons he doesn't like it including the potential increase in DUI fatalities. He discusses in a field interview I did with him. We then are then joined in-studio by Dave Brian, Editor-In-Chief of 420 Times and publicist Cheryl Shuman who has done extensive work in the marijuana industry. 420 Times is a Medical Marijuana news publication. Shuman founded the Beverly Hills Cannabis Club.


Part 4: For dozens of young people one particular after-school program in Boyle Heights is something to sing about! Kids from 9am to 5pm are learning about mariachi music! Why it's important to preserve is among the featured stories in this week's IN DEPTH. The program is put on by the non-profit Mariachi Conservatory headed by Richard Mata. We hear from Mata and the kids in this pre-recorded segment.


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