FOX 11 News In Depth: Healing our veterans

What happens when Johnny and Jane come marching home from war? They go from a paychecks, meals, a roof over their heads to returning from combat to community which can create many challenges and stresses.

Segment one of this week's FOX 11 News In Depth, Brigadier General Ruth Wong (Ret), Clinical Psychologist Dr. Carl McKnight and veteran and case worker Mark Meeker talk about what they do to try and help in LA County. They say one of every three returning vets suffers from PTSD, there are housing and health issues and there are benefits to help, but a big job is connecting returning vets with their benefits. The number for vets in crisis or family members of vets looking for help is 800-273-8255 and Press #1.

Segment two focuses on a program called Operation Healing Forces. Gary Markel and his brother Tony are the forces behind this. It was Gary's idea and Tony is on the Board of Directors. The interesting thing about this program that works to bring couples together after being apart during deployment is that neither of the founders served in the military. Tony says "it doesn't take a rocket scientist to know what needs to be done."

Segment three brings all of our guests together for a final appearance. We talk about the nightmare stories that have come out of the VA and what's being done to right the issues that have been so controversial. And, the Merkels talk about their GOFundME drive to help returning vets.

Segment four includes some of your comments about last week's show and what's ahead for next week.

A big thanks to our great In Depth Team including Managing Editor Pete Wilgoren and Producer Tim Langford!!! Special thanks to Tony Ruiz who edited our opening piece and Charlie Hickman who edited the show open. Also, a big thanks to photographer Steve Thorp who shot our story in La Jolla and our great studio crew. On the digital side, thanks to Jeffrey Thomas DeSocio and Shelly Insheiwat.

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