FOX 11 Investigates: LA Fire's emergency response time to rapper Kid Cali

DJ Goonie exclusively detailed for FOX 11 the last moments of a Granada Hills pool party that ended in the shooting death of rapper Kid Cali (aka Justin Lishey.)

What struck many people was his frustration that it seemed to take LA Fire paramedics half an hour, maybe as long as 45 minutes to arrive on the scene and help his friend.

He called police "three, four times." He left Cali's side to go to the front of the mansion to find out why the delay.
By then, the yard was swarming with police with guns drawn, but still no paramedics.

FOX 11 wanted to know how long it actually took for LA Fire Paramedics to arrive. Captain Daniel Curry checked the time log and found that it took Emergency Medical personnel from Station 8 in Granada Hills 7 minutes to arrive to the scene, but because this was a shooting - a violent crime, LAFD had to wait for the LAPD to secure the scene before they were allowed to drive in.

That meant another 13-minutes. In all, it was 20-minutes from the alarm to arrival.

He insists that pretty typical when there's a violent crime reported. In this incident, it was still unclear if the shooter was still on scene. To paraphrase, Captain Curry, it's the police' job to determine who are the good guys and who are the bad guys. Paramedics come with equipment to render medical aid, but they are not armed, and they're not equipped with body armor.

He said, they're as frustrated as anyone that they can't get into the scene to do their jobs, but at the same time, they don't want to add to the situation by having one of their crew members shot at or hurt.

In the meantime, if you're curious what the average response time is for your area; check out FireStatLA.

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