FOX 11 In Depth: Animal rescues, LB Aquarium celebrates a big birthday & we meet critters in studio!

How are our county agencies dealing with such things as zero kill, anti-puppy mill and other public policies?


Why is it like a "badge of honor" now to have a rescue puppy or kitty? And, you'll meet "Daisy" the puppy, "Hal" the kitty, and an unnamed turtle all looking for a home and they're all rescues. This, as representatives of three animal control agencies join us. On the panel are Mike Kaviani from OC Animal Control, John Welch from Riverside County's Animal Control and Dr. Rachelle Saelor from LA County Animal Control.


The Aquarium of the Pacific is now 20-years-old. In our studio the aquarium has brought inexpert Nate Jaros and a tank with three sharks just weeks old and a trio of eggs waiting to crack as we talk about shark dangers and their lives as they relate to ours.


Aquarium of the Pacific CEO Jerry Schubel and Rob Mortenson, who's been with the Aquarium since its opening in 1998 talk about the current and future expansion and their unique thinking on future displays.


We look ahead to next week's show on remembering the horrific attack on concert-goers in Las Vegas. Next week: The Las Vegas Massacre: One Year Later!

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