Fontana 'naked intruder' broke into teen's bedroom; may be other victims

The 'naked intruder' has been arrested and is being held on a million dollars bail, but neighbors in Fontana are still on edge.

'Naked intruder'... a chilling term, but that's just what Fontana police and one local family were dealing with in the early morning hours of august 30.

What's more, the suspect, a 21-year-old local man named Jonathan Ward, is caught on camera as he enters the house and goes upstairs, without clothes into a 13-year-old 's bedroom, where he apparently is masturbating.

The girl wakes up, you hear her scream off camera, then a door slams and the suspect runs out.

Police id'd him and arrested him later that night on lewd conduct and other charges at his family's home, 1.6 miles from the alleged intrusion, because, they tell me, he was a suspect in the exact same type of crime a year earlier.

In fact, he was in court the very morning of the naked break in, dealing with that old case as it worked through the system.

This time, he was arrested and his bail, because of the prior allegation, was 'enhanced' to $100, 000 dollars, so he probably won't be getting out any time soon.

Meantime, the family is not talking, but a neighbor, who said ward had come to her house but never made it inside because of locked doors and a dog, has the girls (their daughters are friends) 'terrified.. They don't want to sleep alone.'

She spoke out at a news conference put on by Fontana police to publicize this case in case there are additional victims out there who for whatever reason haven't reported this crime.

And there's more. Police say, the suspect identified teen girls at a local dance studio (they wouldn't name) and that he learned their names (they wouldn't say how) and was able to identify where they lived via their posts on social media.

So change your social settings to 'private' so that only friends can see your posts, and make sure you don't give the bad guys any clues out there as to where you live or when you're home or where specifically you're going.

As the mom who didn't want to be identified said to the news media and the public today, 'We live in a dangerous world.'