Brazen follow-home robberies across LA connected to more than a dozen gangs, LAPD says

Police are asking Angelenos to be careful when they're out and about – regardless of the time of the day – as officers are seeing more brazen follow-home robberies across the area.

On Tuesday, Los Angeles Police Chief Michel Moore held a teleconference discussing the recent surge in follow-home robberies. This comes as Moore's department revealed earlier in the day that five of this particular type of robbery were reported in Los Angeles over the last 48 hours. The five follow-home robberies mark an uptick in the trend after it had previously dipped by 78% in March compared to its peak last November.

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FOX 11's crews report most of these follow-home robbery suspects are connected to more than a dozen Los Angeles-area gangs.

"The individuals that are responsible for this, to date, have been individuals that have frequent and ongoing contacts with the criminal justice system," LAPD Chief Moore warned during Tuesday's teleconference. "They're dangerous individuals."

Moore said there is no particular area that stands out in Los Angeles regarding the follow-home robberies surge. But he did, however, notice a common theme: these suspects are targeting luxury watches and expensive jewelry.

Below is a map of brazen follow-home cases reported across Los Angeles County:

The LAPD Chief said while he's not discouraging Angelenos to wear jewelry and watches, Moore did say it had been a consistent theme. Moore adds the department has seen two recent cases where the robbery involving an expensive possession ended in death. 

"No item and property that's worth your life," Moore said. "It's not worth it."

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The LAPD Chief advises the public to be mindful of their surroundings when going out and always walk in pairs.

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