FBI using DNA testing in hopes of finding 'Original Night Stalker' serial killer

On March 13, 1980, the city of Ventura was rocked by a double murder. Someone entered the home of Charlene and Lyman Smith and bludgeoned the couple to death.

They were found by their 12 year-old-son. The killer was never found.

Whether it's the Ventura murders of Charlene and Lyman Smith, or dozens of other California murders, rapes and burglaries, the FBI is turning the Internet into a dragnet to catch a guy who is now somewhere between 60 to 75-years-old.

A suspect, connected by DNA, is believed to have committed 12 cold case murders, 45 unsolved rapes and dozens of burglaries including what happened at the Ventura home of Charlene and Lyman Smith.

The elusive individual became known as the "East Area Rapist," and later as the "Original Night Stalker" and the "Golden State Killer."

To longtime neighbors like Frank Allison, it's about time.

Both he and the Ventura police are glad the FBI has come up with a $50,000 reward and started the cyber-national-manhunt to find the killer.

Commander Sam Arroyo says it's going to take help from the public to make this work.

"Somebody may know something who was suspicious" -- and needs to call.

We have much more in our video story, but if you want to check out the FBI website dealing with the suspect being described as a serial killer just go to https://www.fbi.gov/sacramento.

You'll find a video, still photos of evidence from the crimes and hear from a retired detective who worked one of the cases.

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