FBI intensifies search for 12 violent criminals

A search for a dozen fugitives believed to be in Mexico is underway and officials in California believe people in Los Angeles can help catch them. 

Agents with the FBI Fugitive Task Force said Thursday the fugitives were 10 men and two women. 

Eleven were wanted for murder, one was wanted for several murder attempts. All investigations started in LA County Sheriff’s Department or with Los Angeles Police Department.

The incident dates ranged from 1993 to 2017. 

Special Agent Scott Garriola told reporter Leah Uko he was releasing the photographs in hopes the details from these cold cases would reach people who knew the fugitives.

He noted the murders stemmed from gang activity or domestic violent.

“The common thread besides them being violent and on the run as fugitives is that I believe that they’ve all gone to Mexico,” Garriola continued.

“There’s family members out here Los Angeles Southern California area that know where these people are. I hope someone comes forward.”

There is a $5,000 reward for each fugitive.

Agents are working with Mexican police to capture the dozen. They are publicizing the cases in Mexico and on the internet. 

People who know anything regarding their whereabouts are asked to contact the FBI. You do not have to testify in court.

For the people agents are looking for, Garriola urged them to come forward. 

“Do the right thing. Call us it can be anonymous. It’s time. Let’s get some closure here, you know they say you can run but you can’t hide. But eventually they’re all going to get caught.”