Family says Torres killed by cousin who shot Whittier officer

"We love our nephew... We just can't believe it."

Tears and shock from the aunt of 47-year-old Roy Torres. She didn't want us to show her face on camera but she tells us, Torres was shot dead by his 26-year-old cousin. The known gang member and recent parolee who also killed Whittier police officer Keith Boyer just hours later.

The Sherriff's department was called to city terrace around 5:30 Monday morning where they found Torres shot to death in his garage.

"The person who killed him happened to be his cousin from his dad's side." said an unidentified family member of Torres.

The woman alleges the suspect they call Mikey stole Torres' car after the shooting and says they helped police identify him after seeing news reports.

"Once we saw the vehicle we knew that was our family member's vehicle and we told the cops that this is the link to find the murderer."

The family says the two men were close.

"I know that he was close to this cousin... I don't know if it was for good intentions or bad intentions... I know he was around him a lot. "

"He was very kind and sweet and very loving... When it was somebody's birthday he would go out of his way.." said his aunt.

As for the motive the family believes it may have involved a girlfriend but they said they don't know for sure.

Officer Patrick Hazel was injured during the police shooting in Whittier. He is reportedly recovering in the intensive care unit at UCI medical center in Orange. He is expected to survive.