Fairfield woman seriously injured in attack by own dog

A 29-year-old Fairfield woman has life threatening injuries after being attacked by her own dog Thursday morning.

Police say the attack started when the woman opened the kennel to give the dog water.

According to the Fairfield Police Department, a neighbor called to report hearing a woman screaming for help in the 1600 block of Kentucky Street.

The neighbor had looked over the fence and saw the woman was on the ground being attacked by a large dog in her backyard.

Officers arrived at the scene at 8:45 a.m., and saw the dog was standing over the woman. She was lying face down on the ground and bleeding profusely from both arms.

The attack was occurring in the farthest reaches of a large yard.

According to Fairfield Police, one of the officers fired his gun at the dog after it charged at the fence where they were standing.

The dog died from its injuries.

The woman's injuries were life threatening and she was flown to a surgical center. She is now in serious condition.

There were multiple dogs in individual kennels on the property and the dogs were described as a special breed of hunting dog, Lt. Greg Hurlbut said.

Police say there were several other dogs of a similar breed in a kennel structure in the woman's yard.

At this point, additional details, including the woman's name and breed of the dog have not been released.

Humane Animal Services in Fairfield is leading an investigation of the attack, police said. Bay City News Service placed a call to the agency but it was not immediately returned this afternoon.