Extension approved for CA 'Real ID' requirements on domestic flights

In the last few months, you've likely heard a lot about California's Real ID - that's the new California drivers licenses that follow federally approved guidelines.

The deadline to get one to fly domestically was Wednesday, unless you had a passport or other federally accepted ID.

But on Wednesday, license holders got an extension to get one- until October 2020.

Getting a real ID requires going to the DMV and providing multiple documents, one that shows your proof of identity like a birth certificate, one that shows proof of your social security number like a social security card and one that proves where you live, like a utility bill.

A DMV spokesperson confirms Homeland Security is still reviewing the types of documentation a real ID requires. But they say all indications show homeland security will approve it.

The DMV says no one who currently has a real California ID needs to re-apply.