Emotional Surprise: Deserving dad of 9 kids given car

Mark Sanchez is a good man whose had a lot of bad luck recently.

He's a father of 5 kids and 4 foster kids. One of his sons has cerebral palsy and needs a wheelchair and medication. A foster son recently battled testicular cancer.

Mark's family of 11 shared one car to get around until it was stolen earlier this week from his Garden Grove home.

Mark was unloading groceries. When he walked out to grab more bags, he noticed the car had been taken.

"It's super devastating for a family like ours," Sanchez said.

Leah Uko reported on their story on Good Day L.A. Wednesday morning.

After watching the story, Good Day L.A. anchor Elex Michaelson called the Southern California Honda Dealers and asked them to help.

The Helpful Honda Dealers stepped up to the plate offering to bring a car to Sanchez the very next morning.

Elex told Mark he wanted to report a follow up story. He didn't tell him he was bringing company.

When Mark saw the car approaching, Mark fell to his knees in tears.

"This means more to us than words can explain!" he said. "Thank you Good Day L.A., we can't thank you enough. You have no idea what this means to us. There is good people out there, and it's in the name! Good Day L.A.!"

Joshua, the cancer survivor, said this brings relief to his family.

"We've been through the worst and now the good!"