El Monte City Council puts final stamp approving medicinal marijuana facility

Tuesday night, El Monte City Council approved a proposed medical marijuana facility on Temple City Boulevard for a second and final time in a 4-1 decision.

Protesters have tried stopping the proposal for months, citing health and safety reasons.

"Angry and disappointed in our city council, and it's a shame....It's going to be affecting and contaminating waters, and that's concerning but also concerns our residential areas, even our schools and children," said activist Gabriel Ramirez.

Hundreds of residents filled council chambers, expressing their worries.

But the mayor says the project went through an environmental review process and the other concerns are unfounded.

"Unlike other businesses, they're going to have cameras inside and outside their facility that can be monitored by any time by the El Monte Police Department," said Andre Quintero, El Monte Mayor.

The mayor says the facility is expected to bring major benefits to the city and its residents.

"It can be anywhere from a hundred to 500 jobs and things that come with that.

In terms of revenue it can be anywhere from 1/2 a million dollars to depending on how many people apply for licenses to 10-12 million dollars," said Quintero.

But that's not enough to convince protesters.

They say they'll do everything they can to stop the facility from opening.

"The next step is pretty much maybe to put an initiative ballot to remove it in El Monte," said Ramirez.

The city says the developer still has to submit building permits, obtain a state license and construct the inside. It is several months away from opening.