Early voting in LA County ends with very long lines

If you were standing at the end of the line Sunday in North Hollywood Park, you had to be wondering if it wouldn't have been better just to wait until Tuesday when more polling places open.

Some wanted to vote early because they'll be out of town. Some didn't want to take off work. Others just wanted to get it over with and vote.

Some voters were frustrated having to wait three hours, but others waited 5 and 6 to be able to vote.

"It's not fun standing in this line for nearly three hours, but it's good this many people are coming out, I think," one voter in line, Summer Griffiths, said.

Another voter said, "We're voting for our country we want to live in and this is what's happening," and waiting didn't bother her at all.

North Hollywood is home to a number of celebrities. Voter Amelia Ferroni was excited to see a favorite in line to vote.

"I saw Aaron Paul from 'Breaking Bad' which was really exciting for me and Kim which is great," she said.

She was talking about actress/comedian Kim Whitley. We talked with her after she voted. "I feel great," she said. "I put my stamp on America. It feels good to be with the people."

Although, she didn't like waiting in line. She took a swipe at the long lines saying, "The process needs to be a little faster. I think we need to have more volunteers."

Back to the line, it was hot out for those waiting in line. Some brought water. Others were handing it out. Some voters brought books. Others played games on their smart phones. Some made new friends in line.

Some voters brought their kids. Others brought their parents like 99-year-old Luz Lara who told me she wasn't going to miss voting. Never has.

Another woman, Maria, told us she's almost 60 and never voted before. But this election has been too contentious and she needed to speak out by voting.

"Something's changed," she said, "something just doesn't seem right the way people are treating each other talking about each other."

One of the more entertaining places to be in line was near the end inside a tent where voters were called by coupon number to get in the final line taking them to the voting location.

After the long wait, you end up at a tent where you're called by a coupon number you're given.

"In the tent we ended up cheering for each other," actor Jason Wesley said." Every time your name was called it was almost like you won a price or you're on the Price is Right... "Come on Down you're the next contestant!"

But, after waiting and waiting and waiting, the prize was finally getting to vote!