Driver survives being ejected through rooftop, falling over Big Sur cliff

A driver was rescued after he told authorities that he swerved to miss deer in Monterey County, veered off the roadway, was ejected from his sunroof and rolled down a Big Sur cliff and was stranded for about two days. 

The California Highway Patrol Coastal Division shared video and recounted some of what happened on Tuesday, when they were able to hoist the man to safety near the area of Post Ranch Inn in Big Sur and Monastery Beach in Carmel.

A man, who works for the posh inn, left work on Sunday at about 11:30 p.m. and never came home.

Pilots flying the CHP airplane started scouring the cliffs along the Pacific Ocean and found a car that had fallen 400 feet over the side near the beach below.

Big Sur fire crews roped down to the man and assessed his injuries.

He told crews that he had been driving home late on Sunday night and swerved to miss some deer. He swerved and then rolled his car down the dliff's edge.

He said that he was thrown from his sunroof as his car rolled down the hillside. 

The CHP crews hoisted him up from the crash site and flew him to Natividad Medical Center in Salinas for further treatment and care.

The CHP said in a Facebook post that despite his rollover and being out in the open for two days, he appeared to have only suffered moderate injuries.