Drive-thru customer fires at robbery suspect inside Santa Ana restaurant

A Santa Ana restaurant was the scene of a strange and terrifying robbery attempt.

A masked suspect demanding money inside while a drive-thru customer opened fire from the outside!

Maricela Beltran was working her regular late shift on Friday night at the Cozy Corner fast food restaurant in Santa Ana when things got scary in a hurry. A man in a mask and a puffy ski jacket, acting like he had a gun in his pocket, burst in and demanded cash.

As she was filling his bag up with money from the register, all of a sudden she heard three shots. Cups went flying, the suspect screamed and ran out. She did the sensible thing, hit the floor and tried to crawl towards the back of the shop.

Incredibly, what that was was someone firing at the robbery suspect through the drive through window, about 15 feet away. He was a good shot. The suspect was hit twice, went down, and when Maricela recovered enough to call 911 the police quickly found the guy, and the money, all $274 dollars of it.

And if this wasn't bizarre enough, the drive through shooter person drove off in a silver sedan, now police are looking for him too, and Maricela is just happy to be alive, and working. She's scared and told me she'd rather not be there, but as a single mother of three she also told me 'I have to work.'