Dog rescued on LA freeway reunited with owner

It's the reunion we've been waiting to see since Friday, when the beloved pup - real name Pretty - was rescued on the 5 Freeway in the San Fernando Valley.

On Monday, Pretty was reunited with her rightful owner at the Northridge home of that good Samaritan, Amber Streid. 

Pretty's owner said the family was moving and somehow lost track of her. 

"It was pretty amazing… I felt more happy for her [Pretty] more than anything… she's a rescue… just seeing her… I didn't think we were gonna see her again until a couple nights ago when we saw the video for the first time," he said. "Definitely give our thanks and appreciation to the Streid family and Amber for everything."

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SkyFOX was live overhead during the dramatic rescue. Drivers stopped and were attempting to rescue the puppy who found herself on the northbound side of the 5 Freeway in Sun Valley near the scene of a deadly crash during the morning rush hour.

Streid was driving home from her job as a cardiac nurse when she saw the frightened dog running on the northbound lanes of the 5 Freeway. Drivers were trying to box in the pup and rescue it. 

Somehow, the puppy found her way into Streid’s car near the Osbourne Street exit. The Northridge woman had been working all night, but as a dog lover and caregiver — she knew she had to do something.

But in the end, Streid remained in her vehicle and observed. She coasted and waited for an opportunity to help the terrified pup. The dog nervously ran between cars; and when Streid stopped and opened her car door— miraculously the female mixed breed jumped right into her vehicle. 

"She usually doesn't like females but she loves Amber… she's been following her around. It's amazing it seems like it was meant to be… I'm just happy it was her," he said.

Streid said she had a checklist to make sure Pretty was reunited with the right owner, and everything checked off. 

"Poncho my dog definitely got attached to her," Streid said.

But it doesn't seem like this will be the end for Pretty and Poncho. Streid said they'll keep in touch and arrange play dates when they can.