Dog groomer artist wows with his creations

Lion, or dog? 

Hard to tell when you see the works of dog groomer Gabriel Feitosa who calls himself an artist. 

He turns our four-legged furry friends into a walking work of animal art. 

Giraffe or Goldendoodle?   

Feitosa has a boutique in San Diego and has clients who come in from all over the world.

Melody, the Goldendoodle, came from Seattle with her human Robert Reynolds. 

Reynolds grew up in LA and is always turning heads with lots of people who wanted to pet the pooch.

Feitosa is from Brazil and started grooming dogs at 12 years old. He says he always loved art and starting using non-toxic vegan stains to create a lion look, or a tiger, or a panda bear.  

He says the dye is non-toxic and he demonstrates on social media even tasting it to ease concerns. 

He appeared on a reality show in 2021 called "Pooch Perfect" hosted by Rebel Wilson. 

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Photo courtesy Gabriel Feitosa 

He's hoping to open an LA location.

Feitosa, as you might imagine, is a TikTok star. 

A grooming appointment can cost $1,200, and it can be a two-day process to cut and color. 

He says for some clients, it is emotional. 

One breast cancer survivor wanted a designer pink look.

Feitosa says overall, it's about creating joy.  

Melody seemed to love the attention and love from new fans who couldn’t help but stop and take a photo or comment on her designer cut and color.

Feitosa came up from San Diego to attend WEHO and LA Pride events but says he came minus any dogs and got a babysitter instead.

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