DMV to begin offering 'Real IDs' for domestic flights

Starting on Monday...many of California's 26-million drivers will find themselves making a special trip to the DMV, in order to get what's being called a Real ID.

Congress came up with the idea in response to 9/11 in order to standardize driver's licenses in all states, the TSA says it's more secure.

Beginning in October 2020 a 'real id' driver's license or state id card will be required to board a domestic flight, enter a federal building, or visit a military facility.

Here's a look at the 'Real ID'. It has images of a golden bear and an 1849 gold miner and under ultraviolet light, you can also see images of the golden gate bridge and Coit Tower.

The California DMV will begin accepting applications today. It's considered optional.

But eventually - again in 2020, if your driver's license isn't designated as a 'Real ID', you'll need a passport or military ID to board a domestic flight.

You have to make an appointment at a DMV to get the Real ID. You'll need an identifying document like a birth certificate or passport.

You'll also need something verifying your social security number like a social security card, pay stub, or W-2 form.

Finally, you'll need a proof of California residency, which could be a utility bill or lease agreement.

A Real ID driver's license will cost $35-dollars. A Real ID State ID will be $30-dollars.

People who are not in the U.S. legally cannot apply for Real ID licenses.

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