Delta pilot sues, claims airport moving walkway 'swallowed' foot and shoe

A Delta pilot claimed a moving walkway "swallowed" his foot and shoe at the Denver International Airport. (Credit: Court filing)

A Delta pilot has filed a lawsuit against an elevator company after claiming a defunct moving walkway "swallowed" his foot and shoe at the Denver International Airport. 

The case is being heard by the Colorado District Court. 

In court filings obtained by FOX Television Stations, Pilot Kenneth Gow said the incident happened on November 4, 2022, as he was making his way through Concourse A at the airport. 

Gow said he used the moving walkway. When he got to the end, "he suddenly felt a surge of pain in his foot and collapsed."

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"Ken looked over and saw that his foot and shoe had been swallowed by the walkway as it was missing a plate," the lawsuit read. 

Gow is suing the walkway's operator, TK Elevator Corporation, claiming the walkway was not in proper repair.

Gow said because of the incident, he was treated for pain in his left ankle and foot but also pain in his shoulder due to the fall he took on the walkway. 

He said the pain continues to this day. 

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"As a direct and proximate result of Defendant’s negligence, Kenneth Gow suffered severe injuries, damages, and losses, including physical impairment, emotional distress, mental anguish, and physical suffering," the lawsuit read. "Mr. Gow was forced to spend monies, and will spend monies in the future, for medicine, doctors’ fees, prescriptions, hospital care, imaging, physical therapy, and medical procedures."

The company responded to Gow's lawsuit, denying the walkway was improperly maintained and said the accident was "caused in whole or in part by independent intervening causes or forces, or a third party," over which the company has no control. 

FOX Television Stations has reached out to the TK Elevator Corporation for comment. 

This story was reported from Los Angeles.