Deadly house fire in Santa Ana under investigation

The curious neighbors gathered on the Santa Ana street outside the yellow crime scene tape. A two story house at the end of the cul de sac was surrounded by firefighters, police officers, and news crews, though the fire had been out for hours.

Two bodies were found inside. On the first floor, one was burned beyond recognition in a bedroom. The other body was believed to be a man based only on the size in a front room.

Their ID"s still officially under investigation, but one man who was talking on the sidewalk told us the whole story as he believed it, and police were doing little to contradict him. He said his sister, a Vietnamese woman in her 50's, owned the house and rented out rooms to others. One of them, a Syrian immigrant, became romantically involved and would recently marry her. However, the brother, who didn't want his name used, said the man beat his sister, so badly that this past weekend family members called police who arrested him on domestic violence charges, but he bailed out.

The brother says the new husband promised to ''kill her and burn the house down'' when he got out, that '' going back to Syria was not an option '' and if his story is accurate that's exactly what happened. Again this is not the official coroner/homicide confirmed investigation but the brother was as positive, and sad, as he could be.