Dead dude, where's my dope? Customs agents find coffin full of weed in back of hearse

NEAR TOMBSTONE, ARIZONA (Fox 32 News) - There was no dead man in the hearse, but there was enough marijuana to choke a horse.

Customs and Border Patrol agents working an immigration checkpoint near Tombstone, Arizona, decided that a white hearse passing by was worth more than the usual amount of attention.

CBP said that the driver offered some inconsistent statements about the nature of the trip. A drug-sniffing dog indicated that it indeed sniffed some drugs, and the hearse was searched.

Agents found 67 pounds of marijuana in the casket along with several bags of manure which failed to conceal the smell. Street value of the drugs was estimated at $33,000; street value of the manure was not provided.

A 28-year-old American man was arrested.