Data reveals parking ticket hot spots in L.A.

It's no secret that parking in Los Angeles can be a nightmare and recent data found the neighborhoods in which drivers are most likely to get issued a parking ticket. 

It's common to find there are never enough parking spots and how confusing posted parking signs can be. Data from The Los Angeles Department of Transportation and City Controllers now reveal where Angelenos are getting the most tickets. 

Topping the list, to the surprise of very few, is downtown Los Angeles. More than 105,000 tickets were cited in the first seven months of 2019, which is down from over 113, 000 last year. 

Madonna once sang "Everybody comes to Hollywood," but she failed to mention how frustrating parking in the area can be. Hollywood comes in second as the area with the most parking citations. More than 74,000 parking citations were handed out by officials from January 1-July 31 this year. East Hollywood didn't fare much better, being sixth on the list.

Westlake came in third with more than 55,000 citations. 

Venice, Koreatown, Boyle Heights, and Van Nuys also all landed in the top ten. 

The yearly revenue from parking tickets pays for street improvements and public safety. 

Overall, the number of citations is down because the city does not have enough employees in the traffic enforcement department, according to the Crosstown organization at the University of Southern California.