Cyclist, driver get into brawl in Hermosa Beach

A bicyclist and motorist got into a brawl in Hermosa Beach and it was all captured on video.

The physical altercation may have started after the driver got too close to comfort for the cyclist while riding in shared-lane marking, called a "sharrow."

The exchange ensued Sunday. Longtime Hermosa Beach resident Chris Brown heard two people arguing down the block from his home when he noticed a cyclist yelling at a man driving a Toyota Prius.

The driver pulled over and kept his cool, Brown said. He also noted that the cyclist was yelling and got noticeably agitated.

"The cyclist screamed at didn't give me the full three feet. The driver just looked at him dumbfounded," said Brown.

The "full three feet," refers to a California law that requires motorists keep their vehicle three feet away from any part of a bicycle.

Brown says he thought the cyclist was educating the driver, but was amazed by what happened next.

"The cyclist threw down his bike and approached the driver. He started pushing him and throwing punches. He was a little off balance, because he was still wearing the cycling shoes on the street," Brown said.

The majority of the punches did not land and were weak, according to Brown. He also started that the driver was much larger than the cyclist.

The driver was struck by at least one punch and ended up with some blood gushing from his head, opting him to contact the Hermosa Beach Police Department.

"This is one of the cases where it's mutual bad behavior. How it got to that point, we're not 100 percent sure, but it ended with both of them acting poorly," Sgt. Robert Higgins with Hermosa Beach police said.

It is unclear if either man will face charges.