Criticism mounts against DA Jackie Lacey ahead of November election

Los Angeles County District Attorney, Jackie Lacey, is running for her third term while facing mounting criticism from protesters.

People gathered outside of the Hall of Justice on Wednesday afternoon, voicing their disdain for Lacey along with the desire for police reform, and showing solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement. 

"Jackie Lacey is the most corrupt DA in the country. She presides over the largest county, the largest police force, and she has done nothing to hold accountable the 600 plus murders of Black and Brown Angelenos," Michael Navarro said.

Navarro is one of many protesters who came equipped with signs against Lacey.

"We're all here because enough is enough and she really needs to go. People are finally paying attention and finally waking up," said Navarro.

Lisa Holtke also attended the protest calling for police reform.

"There are a few things as appalling as Jackie Lacey's record," said Holtke.

Holtke also brought up the incident outside of Lacey's home where her husband pointed a gun at Black Lives Matter protesters in March.

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"That is not how one treats a constituent, a door knocker and certainly not a well known group called Black Lives Matter when you are the DA and that is your home," said Holtke.

Popular radio host, Mo'Kelly, said the District Attorney race in November is going to be "highly contentious."

"You have Jackie Lacey who's the first African American, first female DA in the County of Los Angeles, the largest court system in America, and she's running for her third term. Originally she was perceived to be a reformer. She's from Los Angeles. She's supposed to be someone who's from Los Angeles in terms of understanding the complex and complicated issues of African Americans specifically," said Mo'Kelly.

However, she's now being targeted by protesters as someone who "needs to be voted out."  

"She's received considerable criticism as someone who has not done what her voters wanted heer to do as far as police reform or bail reform or marijuana decriminilization and legalization or even helping to change the death penalty. This race, you could say, is a referendum on her as representing the quote on quote establishment," said Mo'Kelly.

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Chairman and Congressman Adam Schiff recently pulled his endorsement for Lacey, and Mayor Eric Garcetti said he is also considering pulling his endorsement, but has not done so yet.

"She's being hit on all sorts of fronts. What's different now is politically she may be more of a liability for other politicians to stand shoulder to shoulder with," said Mo'Kelly.  

Lacey is running against former San Francisco DA, George Gascon.

Lacey recently said she believes the criticism she has received about being "too soft" when it comes to issues involving police misconduct is a "misconception."