Community honors innocent man killed during alleged street takeover in Compton

A vigil was held for a young man who was hit and killed by a speeding car back in Feb. 2023. The tribute was held on Sunday in Compton, which would have been Raymond Olivares' birthday.

"He's my whole life," said Olivares' fiance Maria Rivas Cruz. "I miss him so much."

The couple was supposed to get married. But instead, a candlelight memorial was held oh what would have been Raymond's 28th birthday.

"We had so many plans, and he's not here anymore," Maria said.

"His favorite thing to do for his birthday was to be at home with family," said Raymond's sister Cindi Enamorado. "Thanking God for another birthday."

Maria and Raymond were both hit by a car speeding away from a street takeover near their Compton home earlier in the year. The crash killed Raymond. Maria survived, but is still on a road to recovery.

Since the deadly crash, loved ones have called for these street takeovers to end. Cindi has spoken publicly about how the street takeover problem in the neighborhood have gone out of hand.

"It's getting out of control and law enforcement is saying they can't control it because they are understaffed. So maybe we should seek other resources," Cindi said back in April.

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