6 Compton businesses hit after street takeover leads to looting

Multiple Compton businesses were hit, including a gas station that was robbed of thousands of dollars worth of merchandise after a street takeover led to looting over the weekend. 

Officials with the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department said deputies were called to the 1900 block of Alondra Boulevard overnight Saturday for several street takeovers in the area. 

Video taken from the scene showed a massive crowd of people kicking down the door of a gas station at the corner of Alondra Boulevard and S. Central Avenue before rushing into the store and pulling items off the shelves. 

A spokeswoman with the LASD confirmed four areas were targeted and six businesses were hit, which included two restaurants, a laundromat, an automotive shop, and two gas station convenience stores. 

The LASD said that deputies were not able to intervene as the crowd rushed the store, saying it was "due to safety concerns, as the looters greatly outnumbered the deputies on scene."

Each business that was targeted was either looted, burglarized, and/or vandalized.

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The perpetrators who participated in the crimes could face charges of burglary, shoplifting and/or looting.

Investigators were looking into social media posts that encourage people to start a takeover before targeted businesses. 

No arrests have been made. 

Those who can help identify those involved are asked to contact the LASD.

Local community reacts

Neighbors said they’ve had enough. They’ve been dealing with street takeovers for years and are concerned that they’re turning deadly. 

Residents were able to voice their concern during Tuesday's City Council meeting. 

"The rest of us have been having to live with these street takeovers, that's one think, but now they're violent and we can't have that," said resident Tia Walker. 

"It's getting out of control and law enforcement is saying they can't control it because they are understaffed. So maybe we should seek other resources," said resident Cindi Enamorado. 

Her brother Raymond was killed while crossing the street after a street takeover earlier this year. He was a city engineer.

Raymond’s fiancé, Maria, is a third-grade teacher who survived the crash, but her life has been destroyed.

A GoFundMe has been set up to help cover her medical expenses.

The city of Compton released the following statement, "…condemns the street takeovers and destructive looting that took place over the weekend. To prevent these street takeovers, we plan to install more bots in busy intersections and are looking into more engineering strategies,"