City of Perris creates GoFundMe account to help siblings recover from torture

Authorities say 13-siblings found shackled and tortured in Perris are relieved to be free, but experts say the children of David and Louise Turpin face years of therapy and they'll need to learn to live in a world that they never really knew.

Psychologists say the younger siblings might have an easier time adjusting. However, the older children will have a tougher road ahead because they endured torture and horrendous conditions for a much longer period of time.

Some of the seven adults and six children will be placed in foster care and the emphasis will be on keeping the siblings together.

The City of Perris has established an official GoFundMe page to help the siblings with their recovery and 100-percent of all donations will directly benefit the victims.

The initial goal is $10-thousand dollars, but given the international attention to the tragedy - it's safe to assume the donations will pour in.

You can find the official page by logging onto and then search for 'Perris Victims of Neglect Fund.'

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