City of Compton asking for state and federal investigations into the city's sheriff's station

“We deserve better, not because we pay them a lot of money, let alone that we expect professionalism, but because that is not the way you treat decent, law-abiding, human beings..” said one of several well known Compton residents who described interactions with LA County sheriff deputies.  

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There’s the well-known owner of Taco Mell restaurants, which began as a food truck, supposedly being told “that’s how we do In Compton” when he asked why he had a gun pointed at him over a possible traffic stop. The president of the LA City Youth Parks and Recs Academy, taken away in handcuffs, in front of his young players, during a Thanksgiving event at a local park.

Add to that a well known high school coach, who says neighbors stepped in when a deputy threatened to bust the windows in his vehicle.

Compton taxpayers pay over $20 million dollars a year to the Sheriff Department, with only Lancaster coming in higher, at $24 million, for a city of 94 square miles and 150 thousand residents.

At 10 square miles, Compton’s 100 thousand residents seem to be paying the most money per resident and geographic area.

Sheriff officials would not comment on camera, releasing a twitter statement saying that they have launched multiple investigations and invited the FBI to investigate as well.

Compton’s City Attorney, Damon Brown, tells us he is reaching out to  California State Attorney Xavier Becerra and the US Justice Department, calling the allegations a pattern or practice of misconduct, excessive force, discriminatory policing and improper stops, searches and arrests.

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