Citizens Patrol La Tuna Canyon

A La Tuna Canyon resident has taken looking out for his neighbors to a whole new level. He heads a citizen's emergency operation center which he runs out of his home.

He patrols the streets on rainy days like committed to keeping his community safe.

Behind the steering wheel of his truck Mike Mason says, "We got water running down both sides of the street."

Mason heads up La Tuna Canyon's Emergency Operation Center. In a room in his house he uses computers, software and communication devices to update locals with even the tiniest mudflow information because small flows can grown into big ones and can even occur after rains fall.

As we drive along La Tuna Canyon Road Mason sees a small debris flow and says, "So you can see here of what it will actually be if the rainfall intensifies."

He points out K-rails that are scattered around and says, "They want to try to channel the mudflow down the sides and try to carve a path."

He says they're not only looking for weather problems and helping those who might need help, but says Mason, "We're all also looking for the elderly. We're looking for people who may not have a way out… just to do a welfare check on people."

Mason compliments first responders saying this week they've been proactive, but so has he.

He hopes to grow the Emergency Operation Center as he and those working with him try to get to problems as fast as possible.