Child kidnapped from Starbucks parking lot in LA's Van Nuys neighborhood

A 4-year-old was briefly kidnapped from a Starbucks parking lot in Los Angeles' Van Nuys neighborhood.

The Los Angeles Police Department responded to a call of a carjacking near the intersection of Sherman Way and Woodman Avenue around 2 p.m. Tuesday. The suspect carjacked the vehicle with a child who happened to be inside the car when it happened.

The carjacking suspect allegedly drove erratically, eventually crashing another car along the way and then stopping in Panorama City. The woman who was hit by the suspect decided to follow the suspect after the crash and then call LAPD to alert them of the suspect's wild crime spree.

"I just thought it was the right thing to do," Lulu said.

James, the little boy, was eventually found safe and reunited with his family. The suspect, believed to be a homeless man, has since been placed into custody.

When SkyFOX arrived at the Panorama City scene, some of the officers were seen comforting the child in the midst of a very chaotic situation.