'Checking In' Dangers

Sad to say, but these days you often have to act paranoid. You have to think about what could go wrong, or what bad things could happen, if I do this or that. Take the seemingly innocent and trendy act of 'checking in' on Instagram, letting your friends know where you are or what (cool) thing you're going.

If you're a bad guy, as Orange County prosecutors allege about a man named Arturo Galvan, you can turn that innocent post into an advantage for you in pursuit of crime. The DA is saying that Galvan would go on Instagram, check out the posts of young O.C. college women who were away from home, and through GPS info and other data embedded in photos and other info on social media sites, he could find their addresses, and burglarize their homes when they were out. Simple right ? Something most wouldnt think of.. hence the ''paranoid'' advice.

They say he stole the ''normal'' things they say, purses, computers, clothes, but also bras and panties. He's accused of more than 30 burglaries. The message, according to veteran OC prosecutor Denise Hernandez, is a fairly obvious one. If you're going to be on social media make sure your settings are set to the most private, where only your friends can see what you're up to . Another example in a theme I've been reporting on for years in many different kinds of stories related to on line scams and crimes.... there's a real '' dark side'' to the internet that you have to be aware of and wary of.

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