Cesar Millan: video of dog attacking pig lacks context

The video that led the LA County Department of Animal Care and Control to investigate Cesar Millan for potential animal cruelty, may be the video that saves him, according to TMZ.

The website says its sources say Animal Care and Control is wrapping its investigation and believes the video shows Cesar did not mean the pig any harm and in fact jumped in to try and help the pig.

The short clip released online from National Geographic Wild's 'Cesar 911' showed a French bulldog terrier mix named Simon attacking a pot-bellied pig.

The network released a statement saying Cesar was working with Simon who had a history of attacking other animals, including his owner's pigs, and the video released online did not show the full context of the encounter.

The show released an additional clip that shows Simon being led around on a leash by a pig and said that Cesar took precautions like putting Simon on a long leash to assess his behavior before making corrections and removing the leash. The show also stated that the pig nipped by Simon was tended to immediately and healed quickly.