Celebs, supporters of Dream Act face off with anti-DACA protesters

For many DREAMERS, or undocumented young immigrants fighting to stay in the country, their battle could depend a lot on what happens in the next few weeks in Congress.

Supporters and protestors of those DREAMERS clashed in West LA Wednesday in front of Senator Feinstein's office.

Why now?

Congress has about two weeks to pass a long-term spending bill.

Democrats want any deal to go hand in hand with resolving DACA. Celebrities like Alyssa Milano, came out, backing the DREAMERS.

"I want to know this is at the top of her agenda, that the dream act now is going to be something she fights for and she gets out in front of," said Milano.

But anti-DACA supporters showed up first, claiming the area in front of the building.
There's a saying, the early bird gets the worm, so we arrived early...We have homeless, veterans, unemployed Americans, and we believe they should be the focus of legislation not those here in our country illegally," said DACA protestor Robin Hvidstom.

Police moved DACA supporters two blocks away for their rally.

Eventually, several DACA representatives weaved past protestors, to speak to Feinstein's team
"We won't be stopped," said Milano.

Dreamers like Jonathan Cardona, says he doesn't understand why protestors would block them.
"We're not here to take jobs we're here to create jobs," said Cardona.

Anti-Daca protestor Raul Rodriguez says he fears illegal immigrants pose a security threat though.
"We are against illegals coming into this country because they are not obeying our laws," said Rodriguez.

But one of the requirements for DACA is that they cannot have been convicted of a felony or misdemeanor.
DACA supporter Bradley Whitford pointed to the heart of the DACA program.

"They are the definition of patriotic Americans who are educated, who want to be vetted, who want to be a part of the great tradition of immigrants in this country," said Whitford.

Now the DACA supporters who met with Feinstein's team says they are committed to fighting for the DREAMERS.

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