Catherine Oxenberg's daughter survives dangerous NXIVM cult

Imagine losing your daughter to a dangerous cult, where she and other are sexually abused, brainwashed and even branded. 

Now, imagine the whole thing stemming from a meeting a mother and daughter attended together. That was actress Catherine Oxenberg's real-life nightmare.

A friend of Catherine's introduced her and her daughter India to NXIVM, whose leader was Keith Raniere. NXIVM sold itself as a self-help group for aspiring entrepreneurs, promising enlightenment and tips for personal success.

However, investigators say it was actually a cult. The group is accused of targeting young women, trying to brainwash, forcing the victims into sexual slavery and branding them.

Catherine worked for years to not only free India but expose the group and help bring NXIVM down. Raniere has now been found guilty of sex trafficking, racketeering and conspiracy.

Raniere will be sentenced next week and may face possible life in prison.