Can You Ditch Your Car in 2016 L.A. ?

Tired of fighting freeway traffic? Ready to give in to the urge to let someone else do the driving for you, but can't afford a limo? With an increasing number of options in the Los Angeles area it may be possible. We spent two days exploring all of the various transportation options and in two stories this week we show you what's available.

If you want to bike, but don't have one, starting this summer a new METRO bike-share program will make it possible for you to rent bikes in one location and drop them off in another. It just so happens that May is Bike Month to encourage to use bicycles to get to and from work. Haven't tried that yet? You can do it any number of ways including mixing bike riding with light rail, subway, METROLINK or bus transportation.

Tamika Butler, with the Los Angeles Bicycle Coalition, says "just because you don't have enough money to have a car doesn't mean you shouldn't be able to move about your community freely and safely. That's what bikes will allow along with various forms of other public transportation.

In today's world, there are ride-share programs available through your smartphone like Lyft-Line and Uber-Pool. With regard to Uber-pool both Jordan Mongeon and Micki Loo, students at Santa Monica College, say Uber-pool is the quickest and cheapest way for them to get to and from school. With Uber-Pool there is a 30% discount off the top for each rider compared to Uber X. Uber Spokesman Michael Amadeo says, 25% of the Uber traffic in LA is from those pooling.

Speaking of pooling, each county has its own version of van pooling. In the case of Orange County, Orange County Transit Authority officials say there are 500 van pools in which poolers rent a van. They get a $400 check from OCTA to help pay the cost. The balance and gas are split among the riders. University of California at Irvine has 25 vanpools. We went along for a trip home with one van that included a half-a-dozen faculty members who felt it was a great way to ditch their cars and take six off the road.

Tuesday night we look at trains, subways, buses and light rail as we continue our look at Ditching Cars in LA.

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