What time is sunset and sunrise in California after DST starts?

Are you ready for longer days, extra daylight, and later sunsets?

Daylight saving time started up again on Sunday, March 10, taking away an hour of shut-eye and forcing many to change clocks to an hour forward. 

But with this latest time change, keep in mind that in spring and summer, days become naturally longer than they are in fall and winter, regardless of the time zone.

This means California's sun will rise after 7 a.m. and sunsets will advance to after 7 p.m., gradually becoming later as the months go by. This means about 12 hours of daylight!


Days will get longer until the end of September. Once October rolls around, sunsets will become gradually earlier.

If you're curious to see the sunrise and sunset times for the Los Angeles area, the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration has compiled a full list you can access by tapping or clicking here - all you have to do is set your time zone and select what time frame you'd like to see.

According to the NOAA, the list is based on latitude and longitude and does not take into account some geographic features like mountains. As a result, the sunset times may not exactly match what you see depending on where you live. 

Daylight saving time will end on Sunday, Nov. 3, 2024.