Californians among most bilingual in America, study finds

Can you speak more than one language

If you answered yes, you're apparently one of 18,043,676 Californians who can converse in another language, according to a new study by Test Prep Insight.

The study found 46% of Californians are among the most bilingual in the U.S., placing 5th when compared nationally. 

Rhode Islanders ranked first, followed by New Mexico, New Jersey, and New Hampshire to round out the top four. 

When it comes to the least multilingual states, the bottom five were Iowa, Idaho, Maine, Delaware, and Alabama. In those states, less than 15% of the population speak a second language.


"As the survey demonstrates, Americans are embracing the global stage not just with passports in hand but with an earnest desire to converse in the tongue of the lands they visit. This enthusiasm for language learning is a testament to our nation’s diversity and curiosity. Beyond the practical benefits, learning another language is a bridge to understanding and connecting with other cultures on a deeper level," said John Ross from Test Prep Insight.

Spanish tops the list as the must-learn language for 37% of language enthusiasts, the study showed. That was followed by French (20%), Japanese (10%), Italian (8%), and German (7%) rounding out the top five.

The survey of 3,000 people specifically targeted people who said they can speak or understand another language at a basic level, according to the methodology.  Notably, they excluded those who speak a non-English language at home, such as Spanish-speaking Mexican Americans, to focus on new language acquisition. 

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