California council member caught on video urinating in public

Crescenta Valley town council member Chris Kilpatrick is a public figure who finds himself in the middle of a controversy.

Saturday night as the Precinct, a gay bar in Downtown LA, was closing, Kilpatrick and his boyfriend were caught on surveillance video urinating in public.

Precinct manager Jeremy Lucido says they "... urinated together on our door... and as they walked away that's when I ran into them."

Lucido said he and another man from the bar identified themselves as management when they allegedly saw the two leaving with drinks - a violation of the city code.

"You can't have open alcohol on the streets. You can't drink on the street," Lucido said. 

He added that it's their responsibility to stop that because, "that's putting us in jeopardy that we're allowing people to leave intoxicated."

Lucido said there was then a tussle. 

"I went to grab the glass and he just instinctively pushed me."

He said he fell to the ground.

"It was like a push to the chest caught me off guard and I just flew back."

But, Kilpatrick's attorney, John Duran tells a different story about how his client was approached by two men. 

Duran, in a statement said, "The first individual grabbed my client aggressively asking if he had been at the Precinct bar. My client instinctively pushed back in self defense. It was reasonable for him to believe that they were about to possibly be gay-bashed by these two individuals."

While this story has taken on a tone of back and forth accusations, one thing is clear. According to his attorney and the Town Council President, Chris Kilpatrick has quit his job as Crescenta Valley Town Councilman.