Brutal after-school fight caught on tape

It is a brutal fight caught on a security camera, Elementary school students in the middle of it all! The story is making huge headlines in the high desert.

Jacob Chavez tells FOX 11, "I was walking down the stairs of the bus and he pushed me." A push 11-year-old Jacob Chavez says led to a fight in which he was kicked and punched in the face. That happened Monday after he got off a school bus at the mobile home park where he and his family live.

It left him with a scratch on his left cheek and his mom angry. The whole thing played out on a mobile home park's security camera. About the fight Nicole Chavez says, "I was really angry. I was really angry that nothing could be done."

That's the feeling she got from school officials leaving her conflicted about whether to take her son back to school. Her feeling is Jacob is not safe in the classroom or the school bus.

But, Assistant School District Superintendent Pat Schlosser says, "Any time we have an incident with students we want to make sure we get to the bottom - get information - and make sure students are safe"

Schlosser says all involved are being questioned by the school district. And, police are questioning what happened too. They talked to the parents of the boy who allegedly hit and kicked Jacob on Tuesday. We tried unsuccessfully to talk to the other boy's mom.

If this is a case of bullying, another parent Amber Yawman says, "there is a fair amount" of this kind of behavior at Sandia Elementary.

After picking up her brothers 22-year old Stephanie Rodriguez told us why she picks them up. She says, "They used to get bullied too and the school didn't do anything about it and we came up here many times."

Meanwhile, Asst. Superintendent Schlosser says, "Every case we investigate and get to the bottom of it and that's really the goal. Trying to figure out what caused the incident… what's at the root of it." So, that's what's happening now. Says Schlosser, "There's a team investigating and working with the families involved.'

Jacob's mom says she'll be working with other parents to try to fight this bullying problem she says exists at her son's elementary school. Meanwhile, the district tells us there investigation is continuing.