Black I.E. entrepreneur on what he wants in a president in 'Your Personal Take'

If it's a weekday in the Inland Empire, Josiah Bruny is handing out meals to people in need. With the coronavirus pandemic the music entrepreneur continues his commitment to the community. Normally, Bruny is working to empower youth through the arts while encouraging civic engagement. On his Instagram page, Music Changing Lives, you'll find postings in support of Black Lives Matter, filling out your census, and of course, voting!

With election day nearing our viewers are weighing in on what matters most.

In a new segment, Your 'Personal' Take, this San Jacinto philanthropist says he is still undecided on the presidential election. It is not that he is unaware of the issues and two widely opposite presidential candidates. His position is much like rapper/actor Ice Cube's call to not just vote, but to call out the candidates on what they are actually going to do for the black community.

Music Changing Lives serves about 5,000 people every weekday. He's concerned about hunger, housing, and opportunity. Bruny has a music school in Redlands. 

'Your Personal Take' is about getting to know our viewers. Bruny was raised by a single mother in Altadena and is the father of three boys. To hear his thoughts on President Trump and Democratic nominee Joe Biden see story.