Biggest ship to dock in U.S. will go through Long Beach

The ship will go from Long Beach to Oakland, Seattle and then to China, collecting and dropping off goods along the way...but it's a French company behind the ship. They've named it Benjamin Franklin to honor the first American ambassador to France.

"We see the United States as a growing market. And still a strong market. There is growth in this economy, it's doing well." said Marc Bourdon, the President of CMA CGM America.

Crews at the Port of Long Beach have spent years making room for bigger ships. They've dredged the harbor bottom so ships that size can dock there.

And they've had to raise cranes for the height of ships.

As ships continue getting bigger, officials say the L.A. area could see more jobs and a price drop at stores.

"They're essentially bringing more goods at one time. That creates more jobs over time. They're allowed to bring more boxes on any given vessel. That reduces the cost per container. That essentially reduces prices to consumer. So the bigger the ship, the lower the cost," says Dr. Noel Hacegaba, Chief Commercial Officer and Managing Director of Commercial Operations Port of Long Beach.

The ship will take off in five days. To see it up close, you can take a Harbor Breeze Cruise by calling 562 983 6880 or HARBORBREEZECRUISES.COM.