'Back to school' with later start times proposed for some LAUSD students

LA Unified School District starts school August 15th and, in many ways, administrators are as excited as students... maybe more-so.

This year it's expected that 664,772 students will attend classes in the LAUSD.

Superintendent Michelle King says she's excited about the new school year and has lots of things on her agenda like an increase in the number of computer science classes. She calls that a big deal and it is.

Meanwhile, the state legislature is considering a bill to start classes in California middle and high schools no earlier than 8:30am instead of the usual.. earlier. It is Senate Bill 528. It just so happens that LAUSD will try its own version.

Says the superintendent, "were going to start some middle schools on a later start day so we're really excited about that. She says research show that when kids get more sleep and are more rested they do better in school.

Dr. King says its an exciting, but also a hectic time as everyone gets ready for school. We'll have much more on our Back to School edition of FOX 11 News IN DEPTH on Sunday morning at 9:00am.