Baby Jude to get new treatment in 2016

Jude Peters is far from your typical 19-month old child. He was diagnosed with a deadly form of dwarfism called Rizomelic Chondrodysplasia Punctata. He has a series of neurological issues, his joints are contracted and he wears glasses to help his congetial cataracts.

Jude's mother Hannah was told her child wouldn't survive outside of the womb, but he continues to fight. She was 22-years old when she had Jude.

"Even when he's like in pain or dealing with difficult times like therapy that's painful for him he usually ends it with a smile," Hannah Peters said.

It's not just painful for Jude. It's hard for his mother to watch without being able to help her son.

"When jude was first born, I'm going to be honest I took it hard at first and I was wondering why, why a baby boy can be born sick."

Now Jude will go through a first-of-its-kind treatment. In early 2016, Jude will travel to Delaware to receive Synthetic Plasmalogens treatment, because his body doesn't produce enough plasmalogens.

"I've received so many messages from moms who are either pregnant with a special needs child or just had a special needs child and I'm able to tell them its ok. I've been where you are and this is where I am now."

There's no place she'd rather be now, and no child she'd rather be with.